Picture Framing Services

  • Business picture framing
  • Fast custom and corporate framing
  • Creative custom framing
  • Conservation framing
  • Unique framing of football jerseys and memorabilia

Want to know more about the different materials and styles?

Stretches are the foundation of a traditional painting on canvas

A stretcher must provide a strong foundation for the canvas

We can provide:

  • Stretching – new works on canvas
  • Re-stretching – existing canvas
  • Re-stretching – existing canvas

We will take out the laborious chore of stretching your tapestry, embroideries and silks by having our staff finishing it expertly and covering up the exposed edges.


  • Watercolour
  • Drawing
  • Etching
  • Print
  • Certificate
  • Poster
Has intrinsic qualities which make certain treatments more apt.
We recommend the appropriate mounting.
Gluing • hinge • dry mount • floating
Block mounting is a simple solution to display solutions.
It involves gluing a subject trimmed to the desired size on a thick board.

Mount is a way of creating a comfortable amount of space, space of the right colour and texture begween the artwork and frame.

Traditionally, watercolours, drawings, pastels, etchings are framed in a mount under glass.

A mount should echo some facet of the artworks’ feature.

Pale mounts create an airy transition between artwork and frame.

Mounts generally get narrower as pictures get larger.

For a beautiful range of subtle colours in various thicknesses, beautifully bevelled edges cut with our computerised mat cutter, come and see our range…


  • Quality matting
  • Mounting
  • Canvas stretching
  • Needlework
  • Oil paintings
  • Water colours
  • Prints
  • Limited editions
  • Certificates
  • Mirrors

Everyone has something they would like framed.

Masterpiece Pictures offers guidance on the more creative aspect of matching the frame to the picture it will compliment.

We hold an extensive range of mouldings in stock, and as we do our entire framing in-house we can achieve your timeframes.

Individual • Small • Large jobs

Meeting your business framing needs is only a phone call or e-mail away.

We will meet your design expectations and work towards your timeframe and budget.

It’s safe to assume that nine out of ten picture frames will be rectangular or square.

Using our expertise, the most up to date framing equipment and craftsmanship we will endeavour to solve your special framing requests.

The extent of possibilities is as wide as your imagination.

Aluminium frames look best with very colourful modern subjects.

Their neutrality – next to no favourable or unfavourable influence on the subject is their strength.

Fillets & inserts are inserted into the rebate of the moulding, providing the frame with a distinctive design.

Mouldings are the decoratively shaped lengths of wood used to make up the frame.

They are available in a variety of finishes and are always described by their profile – that is their cross section.

Depending what moulding you use, the frame articulates the edge of the painting, affecting our peripheral view and therefore our reading of the artwork.

Framing options are greater for oil paintings and acrylics as they are more robust in spirit and do not require glazing.

Very small paintings benefit from really wide recessed frames; they draw the eye in and provide intimacy.

Ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste and pleasing your requirements.

There is a craft to building a frame and although the mouldings are now manufactured, the quality is critical as the machined timber contributes largely to the final product.

Silver with its shimmering reflective surface is perfect from every point of view.

Gilding involves the application of silver leaf to the surface of the frame, this is skilled labour-intensive work.

Most overlooked part of a paintings’ presentation is its framing. Gold has been used to decorate mouldings ever since the frame, a separate entity from the picture, evolved during the Italian renaissance. Gold with its shimmering reflective surface is perfect from every point of view. Gilding involves the application of gold leaf to the surface of the frame, this is skilled labour-intensive work.

Picture frames have been used at least since the thirteenth century. Early examples are found mainly in churches and monasteries. Since the nineteenth-century, mass produced castings and mouldings replaced hand-carved frames. Masterpiece Pictures has a selection of antique frame reproductions, examples of baroque & rococo which show the same level of craftsmanship, which are mainly used for mirrors.

Corporate Services

Appearance is important to a company’s success and the way in which your business is decorated makes a statement about your company. A custom framed artwork is a great way to send a direct message to your customers about the work you do. It also creates a colorful and inspiring working environment for you and your coworkers.

Whether your working environment is an office, bank, hotel or restaurant, Masterpiece Framing can assist you in choosing the perfect artwork and framing to coordinate with your line of business.

Our frame shop and art gallery feature state-of-the-art picture framing equipment, experienced design consultants and a comprehensive selection of frames and art. The service we provide is complete from initial art and frame selections to the actual installation of the completed, framed artwork. No job is too large or too small.

Maybe you just need to reframe existing artwork, or perhaps you need new art to fill up those blank walls. Whatever the situation, Masterpiece Pictures Framing has the solution.

Call us today at (02) 9519 4477 or email us at sales@masterpiecepictures.com.au and give your business a fresh new look.


A movie, music or sports memorabilia usually refers to a souvenir, memento, keepsake or token of remembrance that is directly connected to a famous athlete, movie star, movie, sporting event or personality. These items are generally collected by fans that find sentimental and/ or monetary value of the item(s). There is no set parameter regarding a number of items, type of sport, or even the era that an item may reflect. A piece of a certain kind may be considered a collectible item.

If you’re a music or movie fan or love your sports, then make sure you visit our memorabilia page. It features framed artworks of your favourite celebrities, CDs and photos of celebrated music icons, and a huge range of sports posters and photos including NRL, AFL, Rugby Union, football/soccer, cycling, cricket, boxing, UFC, motor racing and horse racing. As these are all of the highest quality, you’ll no doubt want to take these straight to your pool room or man-cave! Our memorabilia range makes a fantastic gift for kids, collectors, fans, and hard-to-buy-for partners. Rare and collectible items like medals and lithographs can often be found there too – but you have to be quick for these. Love your team? Show off your allegiance, and check out our memorabilia page today.